How Budget Airlines Are Using Content Marketing On Facebook

Airline Content Marketing

Airline Content Marketing
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While B2B businesses may face the issue of presumably “boring” content, it’s the least of the problems airlines have. Exotic locales, good feelings and escapism offer an infinite number of ways to tell interesting stories, making airlines one of the best industries to practice content marketing in.

Let’s look at how some of Singapore’s top budget airlines are using content to drive user engagement on Facebook.


Curated content


Content curation is the process of scraping the internet for relevant articles to share on your marketing and social channels. It’s one of the best and most efficient ways to fill your pages with content that engages your audience.

Scoot has done a great job at sharing some value-added content. Travel guides like these allow audiences to look at what they could potentially experience that particular vacation spots. They also provide some context for pushing some of their travel promotions.

Influencer Marketing

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This particular piece of content was created by The Smart Local, a local lifestyle portal that receives millions of views per month. Although the audience reach of The Smart Local was probably an important factor for Scoot in considering engaging the website, their experience in video production should also be taken into account. The production values are solid and the product stands out.

The content itself is also unique. Instead of a regular travelogue that anyone can produce, they have crafted a story based on the experiences of one of their interns who used to live at the Gold Coast fifteen years ago. It’s a sentimental and emotional journey that carries a lot more weight than a random mishmash of travel sequences.

Specific Channels

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The video in the last example wasn’t originally posted on Scoot’s Facebook page. Instead, the content was from The Gold Coast Re-Review, a Facebook page created by Scoot to market the Gold Coast exclusively.

It’s a really interesting way to narrow the sales funnel and market to consumers interested in going to the Gold Coast. The narrower audience allows Scoot to target in-market segments more specifically with better-tailored content and messages.

Cross-channel promotion and content maximisation

One of the more obscure ways to the video has helped Scoot is the fact that it also promotes the Gold Coast Re-Review. Using other social channels to promote lesser-known channels are a great way to establish a stronger following.

The content produced by The Smart Local is also put to good use here. By efficiently posting the same content across their multiple channels, they are maximising the value they can get out of the content. They’ve also demonstrated content efficiency by using repurposed stills and images from the video on their Instagram page.


Leveraging on holidays and events

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If you’ve been on social media for the past few days you’ve probably seen this video. This April Fool’s Day inspired content shows the aircrew participating in a Singlish class as part of an effort to promote the colloquial language on their flights.

The video resonated extremely well with the local population resulting in thousands of engagements. The prank also caught the attention of local news channels including Today and The Online Citizen.



Jetstar’s Friday Free Flights contest encourages audiences to submit selfies of themselves with their passports. Winners will then be offered a free flight to a location of their choice. Contents have historically been a great way for brands to engage users and drive engagement on their social pages. But Jetstar takes it one step further right hurting users to create their own content to bolster the brand’s social page.

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