How Content Marketing Helps You Employ Top Talent

While gaining credible leads and getting sales may be one of the primary goals of content marketing, one of the lesser-known benefits of good content is attracting top talent.

Effective and driven employees are a rare find these days, and those with proven track records have plenty of options to choose from. Here’s how to use content marketing to make sure the company at the top of their mind is yours.

It gains you relevant exposure

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Creating valuable content will put your brand at the forefront of your industry. A good distribution strategy will put your content and brand into the right groups, websites and magazines that are related to what you do.

Earning your way into industry magazines and news portals with exclusive content contribution is a sure fire way to be seen by people who care. Posting on Linkedin groups in your industry will also allow you to reach a wider audience.

Not only will potential clients derive value from your content, potential employees looking to expand their horizons may also come to see your brand as a trusted source. Good content can serve as your ticket into wide and involved audiences.

Sense of authority

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Educating and value adding to your audiences aren’t only great for sales, it also establishes you as a figure of authority. As your reputation grows and more people consume your content, potential talent will take notice.

This is of course, highly dependent on the quality of your content. Content quality is often taken pretty lightly by most brands, but when done well, the best work will garner returns in places you least expect.

We Are Social, a global social media agency releases a weekly newsletter wrapping up the latest events, occurrences and trends on social media. It’s a great way for brand managers to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape and provides tremendous value that way.

Attract the right employees

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Your content and social media presence also serve as a great way to communicate your brand’s values, culture and attitude. It’s a good way for potential employees to learn more about the company and determine if they fit into the culture well.

Their interest in your content will also allow you to sieve out people who are willing to learn and take ownership of their education.

Showcasing your company and employees will also show how much you value those in your organisation and the great working environment you have gives them more reason to think of you when they consider leaving their current position.

More resources for content

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The best way to create content for recruitment is to allow your own employees to craft content specific to their roles. This will also free up some resources so you can allocate your writing team to larger projects like white paper content.

Content produced by different departments tend to make for entertaining reading too! A fresh perspective now and then not only sets you apart from your competition, it also enlightens your audiences on the complexities of the industry and helps them grow a deeper appreciation for it.

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