Content Marketing Hacks For Small Businesses & Startups

 Small businesses are in a weird spot when it comes to content. On the one hand, they are usually more flexible and willing to experiment. But they also lack the resources and time necessary to create content consistently.

Yet the allure and potential benefits of good content are something brands can no longer ignore – no matter their size. Here are some tips small business and startups can use for producing content that works for them.

1.Go super niche

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When it comes to content, it’s better to be the bigger fish in a smaller pond. Make sure your content caters to the right crowd and narrow down your target audience. Male Singaporeans aged 20-35 just isn’t good enough!

The more you work on your audience profiles the more effective your content and marketing will be. Your product will probably benefit from this as well! Once you do that, communicate in the way your target market does. If your target includes 16-year-old school girls, throw in some emojis. 

Don’t just go niche when producing content, but think of distributing on lesser-known channels as well. You will earn more attention there without having to compete with other brands who may be spending a lot of money to promote their content.

You will also benefit from being an early adopter and gain a substantial market share once more users come on board the platform and you will have an easier time reaching audiences than your competitors.

2. Put your work into distribution

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As a small business, putting out content regularly will be a challenge. Instead on focusing on quantity, you should turn your attention to quality and distribution. Good content takes time and effort, pushing out content five times a week at the cost of quality is a waste. No one is going to consume it.

Instead, lower production rates and focus on letting others see it. It will be a more effective use of your time. Post content and target your audiences on Facebook using ads. Depending on the channels you’re using, there’s going to be a wide range of options to promote your content.

Make sure you draw maximum value from the content you’re producing as well. Syndicating, promoting and compiling it for a potential white paper could be the way to go. Here’s a guide about maximising your content.

3. Show off your work

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One of the most powerful pieces of content you can produce might be to just show your followers what you’re up to at work! If you’re operating a restaurant, do a video on how to prepare some dishes from the restaurant. Not only will you be creating content, you’ll be preparing for dinner service too. Work in retail? How about an unboxing and review on some of your latest products?

Content is a great way to showcase your brand, and what makes it different from the competition. Building rapport, engaging conversations and adding value overall will help you grow your audience.

4. It’s ok to use cheaper tools

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One of the biggest barriers to entry for small businesses is that they don’t have enough equipment or the expertise to edit and publish content. But content can be produced even without a fancy camera or a top of the line Macbook.

Most mobile phone cameras are more than enough to capture basic video. A few lighting tricks will get you snapping some quality photos. If you don’t have Photoshop, there’s an entire market of easy to use photo editing tools on the app store – most of which are free to use.

Don’t be afraid to put out content that doesn’t look as good as companies with big budgets. Production values are important, but at the end of the day, the depth and quality of content speaks for itself.

5. Engage

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Be sure to dedicate some time to reply comments and questions on your content. There’s nothing more powerful with an engaged user base when building an audience. Asking questions, conducting polls or even including your fans in your design decisions can make them feel a strong sense of ownership to your brand. Don’t just copy and paste generic responses either. Engagement is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality and demonstrate genuine care. Sending an impersonal generic message just says you don’t care.

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