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Content Marketing in Singapore: Osim

Welcome to Bolt’s brand new article series where we take top brands in Singapore, and dissect how they are using content to drive brand awareness. We dive into what the brands are doing right and what we’d like to change.

From Osim’s Facebook page

This week, we take a look at the popular wellness product brand, Osim. Everyone is probably familiar with their massage chairs, but Osim’s offerings have greatly expanded over the recent years to provide a range of wellness products.

Disclaimer: Osim is not a client of Bolt

Blog Content

Content marketing singapore osim

Content marketing is a relatively new force in the local scene, but Osim has made a pre-emptive strike with their wellness blog. It’s clearly in the early stages with just four articles, but they seem to be on the right track.


The articles all provide relevant topics and value to readers who would be into wellness. The layout of the site looks great and simple, and the visuals are really appealing. A quick browse through one of their articles already puts you in the mood for some relaxation with warm and powerful visuals.

But the image quality isn’t too consistent, with a couple of articles featuring only a single image and a wall of text. It’s not a format someone looking for a relaxing user experience would want to see.

bad example

There’s a limited amount of content on the site right now, but we aren’t sure when they started producing it either. What we know for sure is that the content looks good so far, they’ve made a few good steps but we’d like to see content out more regularly.

The goal for Osim in the long-term would be to establish themselves as a content hub for wellness tips and insights and  become a trusted source of information among consumers. It’s going to be a long fight, but their existing fanbase and potential for reach already gives them a substantial leg up.

What we would improve

The content is great, but we would clean up the formatting overall. Making sure all the images are sized the same way creates a more consistent look to the content. We’d also throw in a few more visual elements in a couple of their articles as mentioned before.

As it stands, there’s not enough content on the site. A variety of content from interviews and tips from doctors, professional masseuses and wellness professionals could flesh out the site.  Another source of content that could really help with their efforts on social media is user-generated content. Getting customers to post pictures of their Osim experiences for a competition or most creative poses with a product could be a fun way to spark conversation and engagement with their fans.

Another approach Osim could take also be collaborating or signing on popular wellness influencers to create unique content that can be further syndicated to other blogs and sites with appropriate linkbacks. Poor syndication will lead to some SEO issues though so they’ll want to take precautions.

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