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Facebook Marketing Strategies You Don’t Want to Miss in 2016

Welcome to Bolt’s monthly series for all things content marketing. This month, we take a look at what’s in store for the social media landscape in 2016.

We’ll cover the latest developments and features the top platforms offer, statistics on their user base, and most importantly, new strategies you can apply to maximise your reach in 2016. We’ll be covering Facebook marketing today, but check back next week when we cover Twitter.

Facebook: “Move Fast, With Stable Infrastructure”

facebook marketing

Userbase: As of September 2015, Facebook boasted a monthly user base of 1.55 billion, which is a 14% increase from its numbers in 2014. The social network’s largest age demographic of users is 25 to 34-year-olds, which comprises 29.7% of its total user base. Another interesting statistic is that 50% of 18 to 24-year-olds check their Facebook when they wake up.

It is no wonder that the social media platform is now many a marketer’s darling.

Latest Facebook Marketing Trends

1. Instant articles

facebook marketing

Instant articles provide publishers with a fast loading page for viewers to access their content. It loads up to 10-times faster than traditional web articles, according to Facebook. Some of the features include the ability for viewers to zoom into high-res images instantly, play audio commentary or video while looking through an article.

The speed is achieved by Facebook hosting these articles on dedicated servers.

2. More paid advertising and in-depth targeting

While organic reach is down due to changes in Facebook, smart marketers will be able to spot the silver lining in the form of advanced targeting tools Facebook has created. With more options than ever before, experienced marketers now have the potential to reach exactly the kind of viewers they’re going for.Here’s a

Here’s a guide for exactly how to do it.

New Strategies

1. Move towards video content

Current trends indicate that videos receive more engagement than static images. Facebook’s 360-degree video also provides a brand new way to tell stories and adds an element of interactivity, wonder and excitement for viewers.

2. Betting on carousel ads

Facebook Marketing

The latest advertising tool in Facebook’s repertoire is also one of it’s strongest. Brands selling consumer products should take this seriously, the cyclical nature of this format allows you to turn the ad space into a storefront to display your range of products.

Carousel ads have also proved to be effective at engaging viewers with 10-times the click through rate as regularly placed ads. Food Panda, a food delivery app managed to increase their click through rates by 180% and reduce their cost per install by 39% using carousel ads.

3. Pay for ads

Facebook Marketing

While some novice users of social media may frown at the thought of paying for advertising that was free at one point, the more experienced can take advantage of the meticulous targeting tools that Facebook has developed. Everything from age group and where your target went to high school can be utilised in the tools to fit your needs. It’s a marketers’ dream come true.

4. Instant articles may be worth a look

Facebook Marketing

While the numbers aren’t solid yet, instant articles may soon earn the preference for readers looking for quick information. Instant articles are set to overtake the viewership of traditional articles once more publishers adopt it and once readers are more familiar with it. Advertisers will be happy to know that publications do allow ad placements in these articles, but it might not be long before Facebook releases this tool to a wider audience so content creators can also take advantage of it.

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