What Brands Can Learn About Content Marketing From Harry Potter

We’re all familiar with the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The magically enchanting universe spawned from a children’s book series has since spawned musicals, movies and more. But one of the most interesting byproducts of the franchise is their content hub – Pottermore.

Launched in 2011, the site has since evolved into its present state. The site now includes news, information about the various characters, locations and spells in the series as well as some updates on the latest projects.

These many features make Pottermore an excellent display of the use and power of content marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the best parts of the hub and how we might be able to apply them to ourselves.

Interactive content

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In Pottermore, visitors can take part in the Sorting Hat quiz, which allows participants to answer a set of personality questions and be sorted into one of four houses in Hogwarts.

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Besides being fan service, the quiz is also an incredibly powerful and unique way for a brand to connect and develop a relationship with an audience member. It’s also far from an amateurish fan effort so often seen in teenage magazines. The quiz oozes authenticity with stunning original illustrations and visuals.

Apart from the Sorting Hat quiz, users can also find their perfect wand through another quiz which educates participants on the vast mythology of the world in the process.

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The quizzes serves almost as an anchor and makes visitors feel part of the community by giving them an identity. Interactive content like these quizzes serve as a great way to reach, connect with and educate consumers all at once.

Original, shareable content

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Harry Potter’s story rich brand provides immense opportunities for storytelling. The content on the site is not only relevant, it provides tremendous value by plugging in some holes in the original product.

The author JK Rowling has always alluded to other magical schools in her books, but there wasn’t really an opportunity to reveal more information. That was until Pottermore came along providing her a secondary platform to publish a series of articles about them. Naturally, fans of the series gobbled it up.

Just like Rowling’s books, our core product can be taken a step further through content. If you’re a cafe owner, you could post a recipe of one of your best dishes which will probably make plenty of your long time fans happy.

The site also demonstrates an understanding of current trends, such as representing content as infographics and thereby increasing the shareability of content.

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Excellent production values

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There’s no denying that a lot of effort has been spent on creating content for the page. The original artwork and beautiful interface are just some results of that effort. While limited production capabilities shouldn’t stop you from creating content, being able to afford it or assigning a higher budget can pay back in droves.

Social integration

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Pottermore also operates on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Their channels are regularly updated from repurposed content from both social channels and fro the content hub.

For example, their snippets on Tumblr actually redirect visitors to Pottermore. It’s an efficient way to generate inbound traffic, and Tumblr’s reblog feature actually helps out with SEO tremendously!

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The community is really active as well with moderators and community managers interacting with fans and providing interesting information.

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