Insights on Snapchat and Instagram’s Latest Updates

Snapchat and Instagram updates

The social platform wars are heating up with Snapchat and Instagram pushing out some new updates in an effort to capture more attention from users. While Snapchat seems to be moving towards a more social direction overall, Instagram is bolstering the way video is shared on the platform in the hopes of holding more user attention.




Snapchat has updated their messenger with a ton of new features, chief among them is the ability to now share short thumbnail clips. You’ll also be able to send out voice messages, call and video chat your contacts on Snapchat.

This update will allow for brands, personalities, and influencers to get more personable with their fans. If getting a reply from Taylor Swift on Twitter isn’t a big enough deal for you, just imagine getting a personalised video clip instead!

The problem facing the feature is that there will be a need for tighter controls on who will be able to contact you. Snapchat allows you to toggle settings to only allow your friends to call you, but influencers and individuals who have offered follow backs may be suffering from some loss of privacy.

Rolling content

Snapchat now seamlessly connects multiple stories so you don’t have to return to your home page after you’re done with one. As usual, you can skip snaps by tapping the screen but a swipe left will now skip the story for the next on your list.

The move is obviously motivated by the intention to keep users engaged and active on the platform for longer periods of time. It’s a smart move, and users can expect higher view counts over the next few months because of this.


Longer videos

In the last six months, the time people spent watching video on Instagram increased by more than 40 percent. As part of our continued commitment to video, you’ll soon have the flexibility to tell your story in up to 60 seconds. The video above features members of the incredible community of emerging video creators on Instagram. And longer videos also mean more diverse stories from the accounts you love, whether it’s Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) hanging out with friends or beauty star Bretman Rock’s (@bretmanrock) latest makeup tutorial. For iOS, we’re also bringing back the ability to make videos out of multiple clips from your camera roll. To learn more about multi-clip video on iOS, check out Longer video on Instagram begins rolling out today and will be available for everyone in the coming months. Multi-clip video is available this week as part of Instagram for iOS version 7.19 in Apple’s App Store.

A video posted by Instagram (@instagram) on

A long-awaited feature for many brands, Instagram now allows users to post videos of up to 60 seconds. Much to the delight of script writers who may have tried to squeeze complex brand stories into 15 seconds of video.

The move will allow brands and marketers more flexibility to tell more complex and in-depth stories. The move will also likely increase with higher time investments from users. Instagram’s retention ability will certainly reflect this as well, users are expected to spend more time, but the rate of content consumption may be inversely affected as a result.

Multiclip editing


Multiclip editing will allow users to film multiple clips back to back and link multiple pieces of video content seamlessly into a single post.

For video teams, there’s potential to tell stories on Instagram in a brand new way. Implementation of the feature is easy, and it’ll be a great thing for users with limited editing experience to leverage on.

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