5 Underused Social Marketing Channels You Could Dominate in

Underused Social Marketing Channels

If you think that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all that matters when it comes to social media channels, you’d be missing out on some great opportunities to reach consumers.

While some of these new apps may not have sophisticated ad targeting systems like that of Facebook, they may potentially offer more opportunities due to the lack of brand presence. New platforms for ads also tend to be much cheaper to invest in for maximum results.


Image from Wechat

More than just a messaging service, this Chinese app has exploded onto the smartphones in Asia with a plethora of features, from social networking to taxi booking services. The predominantly Chinese userbase has drawn the eye of brands like Coach and even The New York Times, which sends out daily updates to their subscribers on WeChat.

The platform allows you to go beyond just telling a brand story, it also allows you to integrate your services onto it. Some hotels are already allowing WeChat users to control their rooms from the platform, from unlocking doors to adjusting the thermostat anywhere they are.

The app is even expanding into commerce, allowing users to pay for goods and services via QR code, although the service is still limited to a few stores within China.


Doodle 2

Currently ranked #10 on the app store, Snapchat is dominating young smartphone users with their unique take on sharing everyday moments. Old school smartphone users who have dismissed it as a fad are even starting to come around for a second go at it.

They’re just on time too, Snapchat latest advertising initiative – custom geo filters, was launched earlier this year in the US. The service allows brands and individuals to create filters users off the app will be able to use at specific areas.


The service isn’t available outside the US yet, but the applications offer exciting territory for brands looking to get an in with their younger audiences. The location-based targeting also gives restaurants or event organisers great opportunities to add value to user experiences.

If you can’t wait to start experimenting with the possibilities, this article will tell you more.



If you thought Pinterest was just a fancy app for suburban moms in the US, you need to take another look at the app store. Coming in hot at #52, Pinterest has been growing a steady audience locally and across the world.

Dubbed as an image search engine, Pinterest provides users with quality images for whatever they’re searching for. Ads on Pinterest appear as organic content, while paid AdWords will push your image to the top of the feed for your chosen AdWord.

The relative inactivity of local brands on Pinterest provides local brands with a uniquely ripe opportunity. Restaurants, grocery services, home bakers and handicraft companies will do very well to exploit the opportunity.



The birthplace of memes and Dr Who fan-fiction, Tumblr’s userbase is a young, creative and very engaged with content on the platform. Brands who can speak to their audience the Tumblr way will reap immense benefits including likes and reshares.

Tumblr has also proven to be a fantastic way to bolster your SEO scores. Shared links in content will provide hundreds or even thousands of backlinks on a wide variety of sites. Which is a far cheaper and more efficient way than to pay a link farming agency.

If you still doubt the power of this unassuming platform, this Buzzfeed article ought to change your mind.


Image from Galaxia

Launched just 4 days ago, Galaxia is a brand new social media app that allows you to take on multiple personas to interact with different groups. Users follow different groups and post, comment and interact with content, but they can also change take on different personas when interacting with different groups.

That means if you’re a tough biker by day, but you secretly love to bake cute little cupcakes, you can now interact with both these groups without losing any street cred.


While this platform is new, it allows for interest targeting. The Tumbler-esque interface is also proving to be quite a hit for early adopters of the platform. While it’s probably not wise to spend on ads just yet, you might want to give it a spin, and prepare for that eventuality.

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