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Branded Content Writing: A Simple Guide

If you’re a writer in the 21st century, you have probably been approached to write a piece of branded content. Do you know SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) writing? The client asks. You nod your head vigorously, pretending to know it like the back of your hand…

As technical as it sounds, the truth is that writing SEO-friendly branded content can be a pretty smooth transition as long as you keep some of these pointers in mind:

branded content

SEO is basically crafting your article in such a way that it shows up as close to the top result on google as possible. No one knows the exact formula about how to get to the top of the list, but I’ll go into the things you need to do later in the article.

1. Know the Keywords for Your Branded Content

branded content

Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO writing, and google scans for these throughout the article. There are certain places you’ll need to include the keywords:

– Title

– First Header 2

– First Paragraph

– Meta Description


It’s also generally advised to squeeze them into the main body every so often. If they keywords aren’t dictated to you, it’s best to think about what the main topic of the article is and what your desired reader is most likely to search for. Try not to go overboard with keyword repetition, though. Never compromise the quality of the article for the sake of SEO.

2. Use Headers, Especially Header 2

Headers are especially important in SEO writing because google scans them for keywords, which affects your standing in the search results. The more keywords you can sneak in there the better. The first header two is especially important, and you want to be sure to include the keyword here.

Other than that, headers are a good way to pace your article, and you should use them to separate topics you’re covering. It also allows readers to pick and choose the topics in your article they want to read about and skip the rest.

3. Links!

branded content

Be sure to include a bunch of links to both internal and external sources. Links play a part in SEO ranking too, so make sure you include some. In fact throw in some links to other areas of your site, it’ll only help.

4. Pictures

branded content

Pictures and visuals are essential to almost every piece. First of all, it’s going to attract more attention right away and immediately boost the chances of your article being read by 80%. Don’t miss out! Let the pictures do some of the work for you, or even better, get some videos too. You’ll also want to throw in the keyword in the picture’s alternate text area to boost its SEO value. Here’s a guide we wrote about sourcing proper pictures!

5. Cut Your Sentences Short

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Detailed and long descriptive sentences may be a norm in your creative writing, but they have no place here. Get to the point quickly, for time and patience runs out fast for your readers. Be clear and rewrite sentences that are too long.

6. Be Simple

Don’t use complicated words, try your best not to use abbreviations, and keep things short. Not only does this affect your search engine optimisation score, it also gives your reader a more enjoyable experience.

7. You Have No Voice

branded content

I know, I know. You’re a tortured soul and you need to express yourself, but you basically signed away those rights when you agreed to do a branded content assignment. Your writing needs to reflect the brand or publication, so make sure you get some direction on the tone of voice before you begin. You should also look at some of their past work as a guide on how you should write.

8. Call to Action

branded content

Your articles should always end with a call to action. Basically, you want the reader to do something for you, so tell them. Whether it’s to subscribe to a mailing list, like a post or visit the e-shop, make it clear. If your content added value to their lives, chances are they’ll pay back big time.

Well, this list should get you ready enough to tackle the exciting and lucrative (by writer’s standards anyway)  world of branded content! Bolt is a content marketing software platform that helps content creators discover work they love. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or sign up for our Beta here!

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