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6 Types of Writers You’ll Find in Singapore

Without writers, there would be no mindlessly enjoyable listicles, gut-wrenching poems or those nifty travel guides you read on your last Bangkok trip. How could you say you’ve lived until you’ve tried that magnificent plate of Pad Thai?

To celebrate our eccentricities, here are 6 types of writers you’ll meet:

The Poet

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You will often see the poet sipping on black coffee and scribbling into notebooks. Their lives seem very complicated and full of suffering, even though you’re not exactly sure what they actually do all the time.

They love to talk about their feelings and sometimes you don’t really understand what they’re saying, but you go along with it anyway because it rhymes. Most often, you’ll hear from poets is when they want you to come for their poetry slams.

The Copywriter

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You never see copywriters around because they are chained to their desks. They are habitually late when replying your texts or even completely ghost you because they just can’t come up with a nice way to say “I’m too tired please forgive me” after spending eight hours figuring out 89 different ways to describe the taste of BBQ potato chips.

You’ll find them on the weekends at the hottest brunch spots in town where they’ll start crying after their fifth Mimosa because they suddenly can’t remember if they left out an apostrophe in their last copy.

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The Journalist

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They are always wanted to cover real issues like wars and natural disasters, but somehow end up interviewing 50-year-old aunties about the 10 cents increases in her wanton mee.  They are an inquisitive bunch and are probably those annoying kids in your lecture hall asking all the questions while all you want is for them to stop so you can get an early lunch.

You will probably catch them at the bookstore reading political biographies or at home watching Spotlight for the 50th time, then tweeting about how amazing it is.

The Internet Marketer

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These guys claim to know all the secrets of life and getting rich. Their Facebook walls are filled with pictures of them working by the beach and inspirational quotes. You assume they are selling snake oil, but then scratch your head when they seem to be doing alright after a year or so of being self-employed.

You always open their e-mails by falling for their click bait subject lines but then end up reading the whole thing because they are so easy to read and prey on your every desire. It’s so effective you eventually wonder that maybe, just maybe you might need to buy his $99 online course on how to quit your job and earn $10,000 a month.

The Blogger

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Typically the most popular friend you have, they are usually busy on their phones looking at the latest comments on their Instagram page while waiting for waffles at the latest cafe in town. You often wonder how they manage to remain in shape while attending so many food tastings and secretly envy them.

You long for the day they’ll remember you and invite you to one of their tastings, but when they finally do, you either end up being a hand model or a human curtain because the sun is too strong and the images are getting overexposed!

The Listicle Writer

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Hey, that’s me right now! Listicle writers can be commonly seen banging their heads against the wall looking for new and original ideas that could go viral. They have a decent sense of humor and have 50-gigabyte folders full of gifs and memes at their disposal.

They have a love-hate relationship with their job because they want to write serious and important content, but also don’t want to because listicles are fun and silly. You often get really tired of seeing him post every article written by him on Facebook, but you still share it because you don’t want to end up on his “10 friends I would bury alive” article.

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