10 Spots in Singapore for Writers to Work on Their Next Novel

While plenty of writers enjoy hacking away at their latest piece at home with a cup of coffee, sometimes things can get a little stir crazy. Crazy relatives, the incessant lure of Netflix and the comfort our beds provide can be too much to handle.

So we step out into the world on a quest for inspiration and the discipline to pen it down. Here are 10 locations to let your mind run wild and put them into words.

The Botanic Gardens

Writing spots in Singapore
Photo from The Botanic Gardens Facebook page

Recently declared a UNESCO world heritage site, the lush greenery of the now world famous Botanic Gardens provide a tranquil writing location. Armed with a picnic basket and a mat, you’ll be able to surround yourself with the simple pleasures of life as you work.

The only downsides are the fact that there are no powerpoints and that it’s typically boiling in the afternoons. You’ll want to find a nice shady location or leave this endeavour to early mornings or the evenings. You might also have to consider doing your writing the old fashioned way on paper.

The Lokal

Photo from lkkben

This cafe on Neil Road might just be the perfect spot as far as cafes for writers go. Nice big tables, warm lighting, great coffee and food? What more could creative wordsmiths ask for? The cafe is popular with creative types and you’ll probably not be the only writer in the room.

It can get pretty distracting during the peak periods though, so you want to come during the odd hours between lunch and dinner. Even so, there’s plenty of activity most of the time, I wouldn’t recommend this to writers who get easily distracted.

Bollywood Veggies

Photo from Bollywood Veggies Facebook page

Hidden in the great unknown that is Choa Chu Kang lies Bollywood Veggies. This 10-acre organic farm is one of the final vestiges of agriculture in Singapore. The farm is open for visitors to roam about and explore, but there’s also a cafe for hungry travellers to retire to.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, this place is it. Whether you’re sitting on a tree stump or chilling out in the cafe, Bollywood Veggies is a step away from the hectic lifestyle of modern Singapore. It may just be what you need to get over your writer’s block! Their opening hours can be tricky though, you’ll want to make sure they’re open before heading to the middle of nowhere.

Tanjong Beach

Photo from AN07

For an island nation our beaches are surprisingly lacklustre. But if we had to pick one, it would be Tanjong beach. Located in the deeper part of Sentosa, the beach isn’t as crowded as the more popular Siloso beach providing for a more peaceful experience.

The popular yuppie beach bar Tanjong Beach Club also provides refuge from the sun with food and drink. You’ll want to carry your credit card though, food there isn’t cheap and cocktails are $17 and up.


Photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo

If you like drawing inspiration from rich atmosphere, the streets of Chinatown have you covered. The area is usually swarming with tourists with good reason. The old colonial buildings and antique stores are rich with history. Plenty of unique characters strolling down the streets also provide creative fodder for characters in your novel.

There are plenty of cafes and teahouses in the area where you’ll be able to hunker down and work while people watching. If you’re writing a period piece about Singapore, it’s one of the best locations you could pick.

Changi Airport

Photo by Kyle Taylor

Let your imagination take flight! The wide avenues and the plethora of cafes and seating areas make the airport a worthy contender on our list. Writers who are nocturnal will also find plenty to like about the 24-hour facilities there.

Travellers make for some great creative inspiration. Striking up a conversation with one might open doors to brand new experiences you’ve never considered. The only downside is that you’ll be fighting for space with students studying for exams. Stay clear when the exam season rolls in.

St John’s Island

Photo by nJnzl’s Public Domain Photos

Previously a quarantine zone for immigrants suffering from cholera and a bunch of other diseases, St John’s island has since stripped away it’s troubled past for a more pleasant disposition. While the tiny island houses more than one coconut tree, it’s not far from what your mind might visualise a deserted island to be.

The solitude the island provides is perfect for hermits who prefer to mull on their words for hours. Depending on the day, you could even rent a house for just $53.50 and watch the sunset from the pristine beach. Bring along a coconut if you need some companionship.

Marina Bay

Photo by Michael Gwyther-Jones

If a deserted island isn’t really your scene, you might find comfort along the beautiful views around Marina Bay. It doesn’t take much to be in awe of the towering skyscrapers surrounding the area. The steps outside the esplanade and benches along the bay let you kick back with a cosmo while coming up with your Sex and the City fan fiction.

The National Gallery

Photo from National Gallery Singapore’s Facebook page

Singapore’s former supreme court building now hosts the largest modern art collection in South East Asia. The galleries and halls are filled with inspiring portraits and sculptures birthed throughout the ages – ripe material for inspiration.

The cafes on the first floor will offer some respite from the vast collection as you gather your newly found thoughts and inspirations into your work.

Toby’s Estate

Photo from Toby’s Estate’s Facebook page

The Parisians may have the Seine, but we have the Singapore River! While certainly not as grand, our local river is just as calming. Toby’s Estate not only does magnificent coffee, but the alfresco seats provide some great views by the river.

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