6 Supplementary Skills That Will Get You More Jobs As A Writer

Supplementary skills for writers

Supplementary skills for writers

As a writer, your pay varies according to client budgets, and jobs are getting harder to come by amidst a sea of competition. To achieve success these days, it’s not enough to be just a writer. You’ll need some supplementary skills to set yourself apart.

Here are the top 5 supplementary skills to have for writers in the modern age and where to learn them. For the Singaporeans reading this, it’ll be an excellent opportunity to spend those Skills Future credits!



The language of the 21st century may not be Chinese as your Mother Tongue teacher would have you believe. It’s HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Offering additional services, like the ability to optimize content to specific webpages will free up some technical resources for your clients. That means you can charge a little more to alleviate some of your client’s stress points.

Coding can also give you more flexibility in terms of the format of your content. You could bring in different elements on the same page like polls, slideshows and knowing how to place them on a page properly can be invaluable.

Here’s a course that will help you with the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript.



As publishers and brands try to make their content stand out in a saturated content space, value-added content will become essential. Illustrators will have a leg up in producing some truly unique pieces of content, from web comics to cartoons and sketches to accompany written content.

In fact, comics are a great way to pull off some content marketing as demonstrated by The Oatmeal.

If you’re interested in picking up illustration, here’s a course for you.



Every article needs a visual accompaniment, and if you can write and take great photos, you’ll be a godsend for content marketers everywhere. Shady and unclear copyright laws accompanied by a lack of quality images on the web, are pushing marketers towards producing their own images.

While the photos you’ll take for your assignments will likely not belong to you, you’ll get a fat pay cheque out of it on top of your written work.

If you’ve caught the shutterbug, this course ought to help you out! From Smartphones to DSLRs, you’ll learn how to take quality photos regardless of your equipment.

Content Strategy


Content marketing is the hot new kid on the block, and every brand and company wants to have it too. Unfortunately, expertise on the matter is rare at this point, especially since the trend is still in it’s infancy in Singapore.

If you do happen to know your stuff, you could offer strategic services like planning content calendars, distributing content and tracking ROI on top of producing your own content. It’s a skill best suited for those who have been in the industry for sometime and understand the industry well.

But it’s never too early to start laying the foundations! Here’s a course to get you started on the basics.



While online is all the rage, there’s still a strong space for posters, brochures and the like. That’s where your skills with Indesign comes in! Possessing the ability to craft copy that sells as well as designing the necessary collaterals is a rare combination of talent, which makes you very prized.

One of the most common projects you’ll be assigned should you have these skills will be infographic design. It’s rising trend in the industry, engrossing visuals accompanied with interesting facts and data make for a great viral content recipe.

If that sounds like fun to you, check this course out.



Possibly the skill that will net you the bigger paychecks out of all these skills is videography. While it is a great space for writers in content marketing now, video content is also ripe for picking if you have the talent.

Besides writing scripts, your ability to produce and edit videos in a way that communicates with specific brand audiences will be an invaluable asset. There a strong chance that brands and marketers will keep you around and line your pockets if your content worked well for them the first time.

If you want those dollar bills in your imagination to materialize, here’s a good video course you can take to get started.