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Why Every Writer Should Start Their Own Blog

My first touch with blogs was when I was 15 or so. Back then, I penned incoherent thoughts and begged my friends to read it as I tried deciphering their blogs. I honoured my friends by inserting links to their blogs on my page and even learnt HTML for the first time while trying to put a chat panel on my site.

Those days are gone now, and social media has taken over most of the thrills we had with blogging. But as I have discovered, writing on my own blog has brought some incredible benefits to my life – professionally or otherwise. Here’s why you should start a blog too:

It’s good practice

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Writing can be a difficult skill to master, and having another avenue to practice it helps you get better.

Writing on your blog allows you to experiment with different writing styles and formats without any pressure. It’s also an avenue to learn about basic coding, web design and even photography and editing if you use images in your posts.

These skills won’t only make your blog look good, you’ll be able to transfer it onto a resume and set yourself apart from the legions of writers out there.

It could serve as your portfolio

One of the biggest questions I get from my friends is how I got my first job out of university as a journalist. I believe that a big part of that answer lies in my blog. My writing at that time left much to be desired, but I thought I had a real voice, one that fit with the publication I applied to. It was an opportunity afforded to me because I could showcase my skills, the good and the bad. 

Later on, as I started recruiting other writers, I made it a point to look at their blogs if they had one. It gives me an insight to their personality, the writing style they are most comfortable with, and their true voice which is untainted by editors. Many of these works were unlike the samples they sent me but which made the lasting impression.

Connect with other writers

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Just like your preteen days, you can also beg fellow writers to look at your work. Only this time, they actually have enough life experience to give you valuable advice and feedback. It’s easier than ever now to publish and share content. Platforms like Tumblr integrate share options organically so your work can be seen by people who care.

Provides a change of pace

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It can be creatively and mentally exhausting after a hard day at work as a writer. Under immense pressure and editorial calendars, we can hardly catch our breath before eventually burning out.

But I’ve found that a blog can be a good place to vent my frustrations and let loose. Writing free from style guidelines and creative briefs can be exhilarating! In fact, you’ll need it to rediscover the joy and your passion for writing every now and then.

You can cultivate your other hobbies

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We all know what it feels like, the daily 9-5  grind, then sitting on the train, completely exhausted, wondering if there’s more to life. Well, there is! A blog can be the perfect outlet for you to cultivate a new hobby.

My blog, for example, is about my favourite past-times: comic books, video games and board games. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve started. Through writing about these hobbies I gained a deeper appreciation for them, developed my voice and the best part? I got to apply for a press pass during conventions. There I’ve met artists from my favourite comics and video game developers who have brought me hours upon hours of joy.

It can be extremely rewarding and the fact that I can share my content with others while learning so much about what I love to do is something truly amazing.

You can monetize your site

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Last but not least you could draw some serious cash from your blog. Ad placements and sponsorship deals are just the tip of the iceberg. If you manage to cultivate a reasonable following you might even be elevated to the coveted “influencer circle”.

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