writer's block

6 Tips to Overcome Your Writer’s Block

First comes the frown, then the furrowed brow. Then you bury your face in your palms and ask yourself why you even chose this path in the first place. Yes, it’s a feeling us writers know all too well, the dreaded writer’s block.

Fret not, because this article will give you some tips and tricks to handle this dastardly situation and back on track to getting on the New York Times Best Seller List!

1. Find your inner peace


When I encounter writer’s block, I’ll start off with my favourite thing to do. Meditation isn’t some hocus pocus mystical practice like so many people think. While it’s an important part in some religions, there are new techniques based on practicality for anyone residing in the secular world. In fact, it’s scientifically proven to have numerous positive effects on your health and well being!

Meditation aims to clear your thoughts and calm your mind so you can be more focused on the task at hand. It can also feel quite amazing when done right. So find a quiet spot and turn that sigh into an ohmmmm.

2. Step out of the box

writer's block

Most of us spend our days indoors under fluorescent light and hiss at the thought of sunlight hitting our bare skin, but a change of scenery could be just what we need. It’s been proven that greenery and nature actually help the human mind focus and improves your overall mood! So unless you’re going the whole Edgar Allan Poe, “Woe is Me” route, pack a picnic basket and hit the parks!

3. Take a leaf out of other brands’ book

If you’re stuck with a boring topic or industry, sometimes the answer to your problem is not within, but outside. Perhaps Denny’s excellent Tumblr page will you to see a lighter side of your topic, or heck maybe this campaign by the Singapore Tourism Board might just give you the inspiration to write your article from a point of view of a cat!

4. Write down your ideas, ALL OF THEM

writing working typing busy daffy duck

Nothing but bad ideas? Write them down anyway. The truth is, there’s rarely a 100% bad idea, there’s always something useful within an idea you can draw from. Take a look at your ideas after you’re done and ask yourself why each one came to you, or if you can combine several ideas to create a more dynamic one. It works, I’ve already done it twice while writing this article.

5. Turn weaknesses into ammunition

writer's block

We always tend to look at the strengths of a product or find ourselves trodding down the well-worn path. But if you take a step back and try to see weaknesses in a positive light, or gain a fresh take on matters, you may just find yourself armed with a treasure trove of story ideas!

6. Take a “vacation”


Okay, hear me out. I definitely don’t suggest booking a trip to Bali if your work is due in two days, but I would recommend travelling vicariously. Read a book about someplace unfamiliar, play a video game set in a far away kingdom, and for the budget conscious, you can even just close your eyes and picture yourself lying on a beach with a Mai Tai.

Writer’s Block? Go forth and write!

With these six tips, no blank page will be worthy of your mad creative skills! For more resources, check out our site here, or even attend a couple of workshops to really get a leg up on your writing.