7 Writing Productivity Tools To Help You Finish Your Assignments On Time!

Content is never perfect, it is only published. The web is a bottomless pit of information and you always seem to feel that you have to embark on more research in order to bang out killer content for the integrity of our profession. Otherwise, how are readers supposed to trust your written word when you have no idea what you are writing about?

It doesn’t have to be so hard though, because with the proper tools, you’ll be able to focus and make knocking those projects out a little less grating.

The Most Dangerous Writing App


You might have heard of this one, and I’m actually using it right now! The app deletes all your work if you stop for more than 5 seconds. no time to think, just write.

As you can see, it’s working great so far and I’ve yet to yell and scream at computer and myself for making such a stupid decision. The app forces you to think on the fly and stay in the moment putting you fully in tune with the subject matter. There’s no time to check the clock, reply to that hot girl’s message or go look up some cat gifs. You just gotta do what you do best or suffer.



Noisli is an app that can either calm you down of help you focus on your work. The free app allows you to choose from a variety of sound effects from howling wings to raging bonfires. Whatever helps you relax or stay in check.

You can even combine sounds so you can pretend that a chirping flame tornado is heading your way and if you stop typing well….



Can’t stand editing and proofreading your work? Well neither can I! So I use Expresso, a fancy editing app that does all that hard work for you.

It highlights typos and errors, offers helpful suggestion on synonyms and tells you if you’ve used certain words too much amongst other great features.

You’ll totally feel like a horrible writer when it inevitably highlights a ton of issues in the piece but at least your readers will think you’re decent once you publish it.

Sudden Death


A variation of The Worst App In The World, only slightly less hardcore. Sudden Death is no app, just you, a laptop and a full or half-full battery with save settings turned off.

Tick tock. Race against the clock to finish your work. Every unnecessary click or YouTube video will drain your battery even faster. This method demands your utmost attention, and you will give it your all or else…

Turn Off Your Internet Connection


Inconceivable! Who turns off The Internet in 2016? But you will if you want to be a productive writer. We all spend too long on the web looking at furry animals and you know it.

If you HAVE to look up keyboard cat to maintain your sanity and write decently, you could perhaps reward yourself with 5-minutes of glorious Internet access after every half-hour of writing.

Walk and Talk

If typing isn’t your strong suit, perhaps talking is! there are plenty of dictation apps out there, but I always use Google Docs. It’s not always accurate, but a little editing ought to sort things out pretty well. 

Yes, you’ll seem like a crazy person pacing back and forth and mumbling sweet nothings into your headset, but for those of us who like to write like we talk, it’s a great blessing.



Q10 is a writing app that basically takes away anything you could possibly distract yourself with. This free app will turn your entire computer screen into a blank page taking away all those nasty open tabs of the latest celebrity gossip so you can focus on what really matters right now.

Q10 also features some cool functionalities like timers and word count percentages so you always know where you stand while working on a piece.