6 Writing Workshops in Singapore That Will Take You To The Next Level

Writing workshops in Singapore

Writing workshops in Singapore
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Perfection is always a work in progress. While going at it alone churning out article after article may gain you minimal success, a carefully-crafted workshop may be just what you need to breakthrough!

Here are six workshops in Singapore to improve your writing:

The National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS)

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The NBDCS is a registered non-profit that aims to promote writing, reading, storytelling and publishing. The courses here are pretty diverse offering anything from proofreading to how to write your memoir. Their local and international trainers and mentors are established and credible professionals in their related industries, so you can rest easy in good hands.

The courses are affordable as well with most of them ranging between $50-$70. You’re even entitled to a 10% discount if you’re a Kinokuniya Privilege Card holder!

The Singapore Writers’ Group (SWG)

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Established in 2012, the SWG comprise of a group of local and international writers based in Singapore. The group schedules regular meetups and critique sessions where writers can socialise, exchange ideas and gather feedback on their work over a glass of wine. There are even genre-specific critique sessions for writers of  niche genres like science fiction or fantasy.

The group also hosts a variety of writing workshops and keeps you in touch with the latest happenings in the literary scene in Singapore.

The British Council

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If there’s one place you can count on to teach you how to string a series of words into a sentence, it would be The British Council. Contrary to popular belief you’ll learn more than just tea time etiquette here!

The council provides English classes for the young and young at heart. The courses cater to a more business context with classes on how to write better emails or taking meeting minutes. Those looking to improve the quality of their freelance work can also consider Writing for the Web or their press release class.

Writing the City

Funded by the British Council and the National Arts Council Singapore, Writing the City is a community of locally based writers. Members can read, write and comment on the works of other writers on this online platform.

The site is full of goodies for writers including writing tips from a bunch of published writers, films, and interviews with folks in the industry. They also hold writing competitions should you feel up to snuff. Meetups and workshops are also available to boost your writing career.  

Authors at Large

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While technically a three-hour ferry ride out of Singapore, Authors at Large is just too unique to leave off this list. Helmed by international authors Robin Hemley and Xu Xi, Authors at large provides a safe haven for writers away from society.

Their weekend retreats and workshops offer writers a chance to work on their craft with expert guidance. The experience will take place on the Telunas Private Island in Indonesia, so make sure you throw in a swimsuit and some suntan lotion in addition to pen and paper.

Bolt’s Workshops


Last but not least, Bolt also hosts monthly workshops for writers. While some of our courses are based around content marketing like SEO writing, we also offer other classes like Introduction Food Writing by Yours Truly or How to Tell Great Stories by acclaimed local writer Felix Cheong.

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